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Richard Max Simms is an experienced real estate broker, licensed mortgage broker, producing manager and administrator with a background in sales, training, marketing and management. Having established strategic partnerships and alliances geared toward maximization of market share, time management and profits, Richard has consistently grown customer bases and developed vertical markets in banking, real estate and financial services.

As a loan officer, Richard personally originated approximately 2,000 mortgages. As a real estate broker and mortgage sales manager, he was involved in recruiting, training and supervising a staff of 15+ salespeople in four Chicago area offices. Richard has developed relationships and partnerships in Chicago, San Diego and Orange County, California as well as all of Florida.

Reasons to call "The Max!"

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker.
  • Licensed Mortgage Broker.
  • Credit Repair Expert.
  • ****Credit Repair*** "The Max!" has helped 500+ people repair their credit.
  • ****Free Mortgage Application****The Max!" has originated and closed 2,000+ mortgages.
  • Also including 800+ FHA Loans.
  • Also including 300+ VA Mortgages.
  • Ask "The Max!" for a written Free Mortgage Pre-Approval.
  • The Max team is expert in Processing & Underwriting
  • We will take order Appraisal & Survey
  • Ask "The Max!" about Home Inspection and Home Inspectors
  • Ask "The Max!" about Home Warranty Insurance
  • Auction
  • Ask "The Max!" about Relocation, including Employment, Schools, free access to Newspapers
  • Ask "The Max!" about 600+ discounts from major national retailers